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Van Life


Traveling and living in Van is a lifestyle and can be told. And then who knows, maybe connections will also be discovered with other sides of our life.

Back Packing


It is not always possible to travel in a Van and it is not always the best choice. There are trips and places that you carry in a backpack and tell about like this, step by step.


The words

Words are my favorite form of expression and I use them in all the artistic creations I make. Discover some of my creations, not only in Italian.


The voice

I discovered with pleasure the use of the voice in front of a microphone. Podcasting as a new form of theater and expression, at least for me.



Getting organized is a fundamental element of many of the things I do and, for a chronically disordered person, it is a fundamental part of the reflections that I consider useful.

Self Development


Every aspect of our life is one of the boxes on the gigantic path through which we develop as human beings. Every reflection on oneself is useful.

Who I am, who I was, who I’ll be.

Behind the projects I create, alone or in collaboration, there is a story to tell. there is a biography that led me to create what I share. if you want to find out more go to the dedicated page.